On a day when you're looking your best, you want a great photographer who can capture those magic moments

michael gill photography

I’m a photographer based in Donegal, that takes great joy in capturing the personality of the people and subjects that I photograph. I specialise in Weddings, Portraits and Lifestyle photography.

What I want to do with MGP | Life is to showcase my style across different area’s of photography that interest me.

My approach would be relaxed, and I love taking the time to engage in conversation before hand to get an understanding of your needs. As I feel that when photographing people, creating the right environment is essential for capturing beautiful images. So let's grab a coffee and have a chat.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Nicola Kelly Photography

Hey guys. I'm Nicola and I've been shooting weddings all over the country for the past 6 years.

I genuinely love my job and have been known to get embarrassingly excited about catching that special shot. I love couples who aren't afraid to have the wind blow their hair in their face or brave the rain under an umbrella. Sometimes it's about capturing the emotion over perfection.

I don't dictate how your day goes, if you want to take photos for half an hour or for five hours, I will be on board with the banter and 'wile carry on' for as long as you choose. My style is very much easy going, relaxed, and just capturing your day exactly as it happens. I never take for granted how big a deal it is for me to be involved in your whole day, which is why I always strive to be more than just another 'wedding service' and will annoyingly try to befriend you. You will be invited for a cup of tea at some point. If you like the sound of my ramblings, give me a wee shout!

Yez Lifestyle Photography

My name is Mustafa Oymak and I have been a professional photographer for forteen years. I grew up in Turkey, from a Kurdish background, and I have lived in Derry for the past twenty one years. I named my studio after the initials of my three beautiful children: Yasmin, Emine and Zara. Yez Lifestyle Photography was established in 2003 and since then I've have had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of weddings and portraits.

Weddings in Ireland are magical occasions, shared with family and close friends and I love to capture those moments, the special bond between bride and groom and the people they share their day with. The landscape here is full of dramatic scenery, which can add so much to the sense of occasion, and I love to make the best use of it to capture really special images of the bride and groom.

I always ensure that images are taken in a relaxed manner, bringing out the natural interactions and unguarded moments that reveal the true beauty of the bride and groom and the love they share.

My photographic style is inspired by a range of influences, including fashion photography and film. I aim for a modern, but also classic look, with warm, subtle tones and contrast, that will last a lifetime.

Declan McGlinchey

Hi I'm Declan I am a friendly, creative professional photographer, I have been passionate about photography from a young age, I love to capture the excitement and enthusiasm of the moment as it happens, photography to me is about the immediate connection between people and there is no better place to capture that raw emotion from the moment a child is born, to their first holy communion/ confirmation to the special day when they walk up the aisle. Photography is my passion. When I had my first daughter twelve years ago I bought my first DSLR and fell in love! She changed every day and the best way to document these changes was to capture them in a photograph. I haven’t put my camera down since and now I feel so honoured to be photographing other families and helping them document their own memories. I went onto study Creative Digital Media and received a BA Degree. Within my website you will find samples of my work on weddings and couture portraits. I really enjoy meeting the families and couples and being a part of their happy day. Photography is a fun experience, with pictures to walk away with that you and your family will cherish for generations to come. I love to capture life in all its colours, its pure inspiration. I am truly grateful to be doing what I love.

Jay Doherty Photography

Hi, I'm Jay, a wedding and portrait photographer from Donegal in Ireland. I have a few cool awards under my belt, I am current PPANI wedding photographer of the year 2016, a pair of FEARLESS Awards, and various photographer awards that contain a load of letters and make no sense to you. But that nonsense aside I have always been a photographer, my father before me was too. I began my photographic business 6 years ago.

I love to shoot weddings, I love to shoot children and family moments. My style is unique, my approach is informal, fun and often verging on high-energy. My wedding clients and families mean a great deal to me, and I do realise how lucky I am in becoming such an important part of your lives, for a while anyway. I like to meet with couples, drink tea, eat fancy biscuits and get to know their stories, their loves and fears before we make any photographs. With each new assignment I will try to push our creativity levels. I am constantly seeking new photographic locations; I thrive on Donegal hilltops, golden barley fields, leaf-carpeted forests, cosy Irish pubs

Pamela Bloe Photography

Aside from the photography element, the part of my job I love the most is getting to know my clients. Maybe I'm too nosey at times or ask too many questions, but I feel it's important for me to build a relationship with you so that you can trust me 100% to deliver images you'll be proud to show off. My approach is laid back and about having as much fun as possible. My family, friends and past clients describe me as 'bubbly, sincere, loving, kind, creative, quirky, loyal, professional and just a touch mad' .... So if that's the qualities you want in your wedding photographer, get in touch